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Two regions of the present Gumla Diocese, namely Nagpur and Barway were among the most promising fields of apostolate when, in the last decade of the 19th century, the missionaries of Belgian Jesuit province evangelized what was then called “the Mission of Bengal”. Frs. Louis Cardon and Constant Lievens were the most outstanding among these apostles. Already in 1922 those regions became respectively the deaneries of Konbir-Noatoli and Tongo (Barway) of the Ranchi (arch) diocese. But it took more than a hundred years after the first period of evangelization when together with other areas; they were united in the present diocese of Gumla, which was erected on May 28th 1993 by Pope John Paul II through his letter “Quo aptius”. Gumla Diocese is a part of the Ranchi ecclesiastical province. Since its erection several new parishes and instuitutions have been established.

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